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Skumps (also known as Drinking Song) is a song performed in Sleeping Beauty. It was written by Tom Adair, George Bruns and Erdman Penner, and sung by the characters King Stefan (Taylor Holmes) and King Hubert (Bill Thompson).


King Hubert: Skumps!

King Hubert: Skumps!

King Stefan: Skumps!

A toast to this night!

The outlook is rosy,

King Hubert: But the future is bright,

Both: Our children will marry, Our kingdoms unite, Skumps! Skumps! Skumps!

King Hubert: Skumps!

King Stefan: Skumps!

King Hubert: A toast to the home!

King Stefan: One grander by far than a palace in Rome!

King Hubert: Ah, let me fill up your glass, That glass was all foam!

Both: Skumps! Skumps! Skumps!

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