Skippy is a character in Goldie & Bear. He is a baby dragon that lives on top a giant mountain. He was a pet to Bear for a short time. Bear got along with him but when Goldie brings back a way to take back Skippy, Bear attempted to sabotage his rescue ride. Once he met his mother, he finally realized that he had to let him go. Before he left with his mother, both of them took both Goldie and Bear down the mountain to home. Skippy can breathe fire and when he eats apples, he shoots out fireballs. He can fly with his small wings and quite agile for his size. Despite being a dragon, Skippy's behavior, and mannerisms are generally more like those of a small puppy dog. His mother sometimes lets him come down to Fairy Tale Forest to let him play with Goldie & Bear. Bear begins to teach him dog tricks, such as "roll over" and "fetch." Big Bad, sensing an opportunity, uses Skippy for a time to fetch items for him, such as Red's muffins, before being caught by the others.

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