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"Skate-A-Rooney" is the sixth episode of Liv & Maddie.


Liv wants to back out of being a celebrity judge at a skateboarding competition after her boyfriend, a skateboarding pro in town for the competition, breaks up with her via text. Meanwhile, Joey and Parker are ecstatic when they meet a masked skateboarding pro who is famous for his massive wipeouts.


Main Cast

Guest Stars

Memorable Quotes

Liv: My boyfriend's coming to town!

Pete: Boyfriend?
Karen: Boyfriend.

Parker: Boyfriend...
Maddie: Liv, you do know that being in a skateboarding movie doesn't actually qualify you to judge skateboarders.
Liv: Well, the good people at Flip Kick magazine think differently.


  • It is revealed that Liv has had a long distance relationship with skateboarder Miller White.

International Premiere

  • 15 November, 2013 (Disney Channel Australia)




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