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Background information
Feature films Brother Bear
Brother Bear 2 (cameo)
Short films
Television programs
Video games Brother Bear Game (mentioned only, but actually shown as an eagle for a short moment in the end of the game.
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Animators Anthony Wayne Michaels
Voice D. B. Sweeney
Performance model
Inspiration Mufasa
The Great Prince of the Forest
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Kind, caring, protective, mature, leaderly, wise
Appearance Slender, black hair (to shoulders), little facial hair on his chin, Native American, brown coat with reindeer antlers on the hood, light brown boots. (formerly)

Bald eagle spirit with orange glow (currently)

Occupation Older brother of Denahi and Kenai

The late brother-in-law of Nita

Alignment Good
Goal To protect his brothers from danger.
Home His village, later the aurora borealis (as a spirit)
Relatives His brothers Denahi and Kenai, Nita sister-in-law
Allies Denahi, Kenai, The Great Spirits, Koda, Koda's mother, Tanana, his tribe, Nita, Chilkoot, Tug, Rutt and Tuke
Enemies Atka, Koda's mother (formerly)
Likes Goodness and kindness
Dislikes Rude and selfishness
Powers and abilities Can transform into an eagle in his spiritural body
Weapons Spear
Fate Dies when trying to save his brothers, and then reunites with his brothers (shortly) and then returns to the Great Spirits with Koda's mother. Transforms Nita into a bear (second movie).
Quote "Just be patient, Kenai. When you live by your will."

Sitka is the oldest brother of Denahi and Kenai and parental figure since the death of their parents sometime before the events of Brother Bear.

Role in the film

Sitka loves his younger brothers and would do anything for them, the movie begins Kenai's coming of age ceremony and receives an animal totem which represents their personalities and his happens to be a bear, which he hates because they steal food from them and Denahi teases him for it angering him. Later that night, Sitka tells him of his own ceremony and how his totem is the eagle, which represent leadership. The next day, they find that a bear has stolen some fish from them because Kenai didn't secure the ropes on the basket and he recklessly goes off to kill the bear. Sitka and Denahi follow him to make sure he doesn't end up getting killed.

Kenai is knocked to the ground and Denahi defends him, but the bear knocks the spear out of his hands and it looks like it's over for them when Sitka, deciding there is no other option, stabs the ice around the bear with his spear, causing the ice to crack and break, off causing the bear to fall and Sitka falls with her. Kenai and Denahi search for him, but only find his coat and his spirit assumes the form of a bald eagle. Later that night, a funeral is held for Sitka and Kenai is enraged that the bear lived and Sitka died and feels responsible for what happened, so he goes out to kill the bear to avenge Sitka. After a battle, he succeeds. Feeling that it wasn't necessary for Kenai to kill the bear, as Sitka willingly gave his life to protect them, Sitka's spirit decides to punish Kenai and turns him into a bear.

Thinking the bear killed Kenai, Denahi decides to avenge his death and tracks him down and Kenai escapes and has to look after the bear's cub, Koda, whom he finds annoying at first, but eventually grows to love him. At the end of the movie, upon seeing Kenai nearly give his life for Koda, Sitka decides to change him back into a human and visits him and Denahi in his human form before departing to the spirit world but, before he leaves, Kenai wishes to be a bear again so that he can look after Koda, because he can't talk to him in human form. Sitka was voiced by D.B. Sweeney who had previously voiced Aladar in Disney Dinosaur.

Brother Bear 2

He does make a cameo in his eagle form near the end of Brother Bear 2, when the Great Spirits transform Nita into a bear so she can be with Kenai and Koda (mainly Kenai). 


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Brother Bear

Brother Bear 2



  • Sitka is similar to Mufasa as both are wise and both are related to the protagonist (Kenai and Simba). Both also die saving the protagonist from a threat (Sitka died saving Kenai and Denahi from Koda's mother whilst Mufasa saved Simba from a wildebeest stampede only to be thrown back into it by Scar). Both later appear to the protagonist as a spirit.
  • Sitka is also similar to Tadashi Hamada as both are the older brother to the protagonist (Kenai and Hiro). Both also die saving or trying to save someone they care about (Sitka sacrificed himself to save Kenai and Denahi from Koda's mother whilst Tadashi died trying to save Robert Callaghan). Their death affects the protagonist so much, they wish to avenge their deaths.

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