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Sir Pellinore is one of the minor protagonists from Disney's 1963 feature film The Sword in the Stone.


Sir Pellinore is one of Uther Pendragon's knights. He is shown to be an old friend of Sir Ector. In contrast to Sir Ector, Pellinore is a bit quieter, and is a slender man. He seems to be aware of Kay's nature, as he notes that the idea of a King Kay is a dreadful thought. He has little interaction with Arthur, or the Wart for short, but does stand up for him at the tournament, showing a friendly relationship. One running gag is that he often spills things on his mustache, causing him to sniffle.

Role in the film

Pellinore arrives on horseback at Sir Ector's castle one rainy night (the same night that Merlin arrived at the castle), stating that he has big news from London. After being invited in and drying off, Pellinore announces that a jousting tournament will be held in London on New Year's Day. Ector scoffs, as a jousting tournament is held yearly. Pellinore reveals that this year is different, as the winner will become King of England. Sir Ector grows excited, and tells Kay that he could win it. All Kay would have to do is buckle down on his training and he could be knighted by Christmas. Kay shrugs but agrees.

Pellinore is seen the next morning with Sir Ector during Kay's unsuccessful training. Pellinore then appears at Christmas, celebrating the holiday with Sir Ector and Kay. It is revealed that Kay has recently been knighted. Sir Ector is happy at the prospect of Kay winning the tournament and becoming king. Humorously, Pellinore notes that the thought and idea of a King Kay is dreadful.

Pellinore accompanies Ector, Kay, and Arthur to London to watch the tournament. While there, the Wart unwittingly pulls the a magic sword from its resting place of stone and anvil. When Arthur is asked to prove that he actually did it, other knights interfere and try to pull it themselves. Pellinore, along with another knight, Sir Bart, both step in. Pellinore convinces everyone to let the Wart try it, and encourages Arthur in his attempt. Pellinore then cheers the new King Arthur along with the rest of the crowd.


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