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"Sink or Swim" is the sixty-eighth episode of The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.


Since Zack is done with summer school now that he has passed English, Carey asks him if he wants to find a summer job. When the girls at camp overhear Maddie on the phone with London, they report the latest juicy gossip to the tabloids. Since all the news is saying that London can't swim, she starts taking swim lessons with Lance. After he teaches her to swim in a shallow pool, she falls in love with him. Arwin takes Zack in as his assistant, but Zack doesn't want to do all the required dirty work, so he hides in the mini-mart as Zack ends up getting a job there.

Guest stars

  • Aaron Musicant as Lance, Brian Stepanek as Arwin Hawkhauser

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