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Silly classical songs back cover

Silly Classical Songs is a 2001 Walt Disney Records album featuring 24 classical versions of funny songs.

Track listing

  1. Your Library
  2. Bake Sale
  3. Window Warshin'
  4. Parents' Lament
  5. Pluto's Waltz
  6. 7:18: 12 Overture
  7. Technology
  8. A Mouse Like Me
  9. Beethoven's Fifth Helping
  10. A Cricket's Life
  11. Oh, Da Joy!
  12. The Practice Session
  13. Can Can [Instrumental]
  14. The Pizzicati [Instrumental]
  15. Dance of the Hours [Instrumental]
  16. Symphony No. 40 [Instrumental]
  17. The Beautiful Blue Danube [Instrumental]
  18. 1812 Overture Finale [Instrumental]
  19. Carmen [Instrumental]
  20. Turkish March [Instrumental]
  21. Symphony No. 5 [Instrumental]
  22. Funeral March of a Marionette [Instrumental]
  23. Ode to Joy [Instrumental]
  24. Fur Elise/In the Hall of the Mountain King/Hungarian Rhapsody [Instrumental]

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