"Sidekicks and Henchmen" is a villain song and the only song from Disney's Once Upon a Halloween. It was performed by Pat Carroll who provided the voice of Ursula.


This song starts when the The Evil Queen (as a witch) talks to the Magic Cauldron in her lair from her castle about conquering Halloween and rallying sidekicks and henchmen.


Sidekicks and henchmen
That's who get you the prize
They'll be your ears and eyes
If ever trample through, arise!

Sidekicks and henchmen
Go way you there and then not go
No things are just scared to know
Protect and serve and even glow
At the end of your rope
There isn't hope
Getting out alive
That's when henchmen thrive
And that's how you survive
You're about to be bit
Or you see a few slit
As you sit on the bomb
Who sounds the first alarm
And rescues you from harm

Sidekicks and henchmen
Appear where fear takes hold
They're mean and green and cold
They'll steal the ship or steal the gold

Sidekicks and henchmen
Where other in your way
Some traps a mile away
They'll taste the food or chase your prey
You're in duct in your bed
You get whacked in the head
You'll punch in from the slugs
Who comforts you with hugs
Your care and faithful foes
You're outnumbered by 10 and
Surrounded again by man who pay your goods
While friends sit on their butts
You'll need someone who's nuts

Who'll turn your enemies to stone
Who'll blow their houses down
Or fight to save your throne

Sidekicks and henchmen
Our devils in disguise
They're big and twice their size
They'll cast your spells to tell your eyes

Sidekicks and henchmen
No matter what the cause
For with the sharpest claws
They'll do your climb or do your time
And even seek applause

As Hades discovers, wait! That's! Where's...

You gotta have sidekicks
The good ones have big sticks
Some even have ice picks
To get in your best place
You gotta get sidekicks and henchmen