Shaylee Michales
Shaylee Michaels is an Australian actress that is very famous and is in many popular movies. Luke and presumably many others have enormous crushes on her. She is portrayed by Maia Mitchell.

Love Interests

She used to date McD, but broke up with him after learning he hit on other girls. She also gave a kiss to Luke, even though she said he was creepy for stalking her and filming her chest.


Shaylee has super strength, as she had grown up in the wild with eight brothers. She was able to throw McD a great distance, and is strong enough to crush a person. She can also throw an object like a pillow, use it to knock someone out, then have it return to her hand like a boomerang. She also mentioned biting a crocodile. Shaylee could also see that Luke wasn't pointing the camera at her face. She could also hear Jessie's liquified organs.


Shaylee is a nice, caring, and kindhearted person. Although she is strong, she is not mean.