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"Shush" is the fifty-ninth episode of Lilo & Stitch: The Series. It aired on August 26, 2005.


An experiment designed to collect private enemy conversations through her tail is accidentally activated by Lilo. Things take a turn for the worst when Lilo gets into trouble after overhearing part of a conversion and thinking that Mertle hates her friends. As a result, Mertle, out of anger, willingly helps catch experiments for Hämsterviel in place of Gantu, unaware he is using her.

Experiment mentioned


  • Moral: Don't eavesdrop and never jump to conclusions; wait until you have all the facts.
  • Shush is female not male.
  • This is the second time Hämsterviel fired Gantu and later rehired him, the first time being in "Bad Stitch".
  • This episode reiterates that Elena, Teresa and Yuki may actually hate Mertle, even though Lilo misheard what Mertle was saying in terms of eavesdropping on her.
  • It seems out of character for Nani to actually stick up for Mertle when she knows how mean Mertle has been to Lilo in the past.
  • Jumba and Pleakley revealed that they never had any confidence in Cobra Bubbles.
  • This episode marks Cobra's last appearance in the franchise.
  • This is one of four episodes where both Gantu and Hämsterviel appear but not Reuben, the other three being "Clip", "Amnesio", and "Hunkahunka".

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