Shrunken Ned is a character at Disneyland's Adventureland.

He is a fortune teller machine located in the South Seas Traders shop area that takes the form of an eccentric shrunken head.


In addition to his fortune teller machine, Ned was the namesake for the former Shrunken Ned's Junior Jungle Boats game at the Magic Kingdom.

Ned also appeared in Virtual Magic Kingdom running a shop.

Tales from Adventureland

Shrunken Ned plays a major role in this series as the grandfather of protagonist Andy Stanley. The first book, The Keymaster's Quest, begins at his funeral, after his family assumes the worst from a mysterious disappearance taking place during an expedition to a hidden temple. His grandson, seeking answers as to what happened to him, ends up trying to finish his quest and discovers Ned's new undead shrunken head state.