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Template:Infobox Television episode"Short Story" is an episode of the original Disney Channel sitcom Even Stevens. It was written by Sarah Jane Cunningham and Suzie Villandry, directed by Peter Baldwin, and aired on June 21, 2002

Plot Summary

After an incident at another junior high, several students temporarily transfer in. As part of the transfer, students from the other school end up sharing their lockers with those from Lawrence Junior High. After checking his school file, Ren finds out that her locker-buddy is a boy who in writing would seem perfect for her. However upon meeting him, she finds that he's short. Ren tries not to cave-in to pressure to turn him down for an upcoming dance, but eventually caves in. Louis faces the wrath of a look-alike who gets him into trouble. This time however, Ren knows Louis is innocent when she reads the file of the look-alike, while Louis insists that the practical jokes his doppleganger plays are too immature and unsophisticated to have been carried out by him.

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