Shock-Ra is the blue draconium Energy-class dragon that belongs to the close minded Khatah, the leader of the Inner Order Crew in Dragon Booster. Shock-Ra is loyal at heart and strong of mind, like his human, Khatah, and is very well disciplined in the martial arts. He is swift on his feet and is skilled at jumping. When he senses trouble, he tends to stop what he’s doing and focus on what’s happening around him.

Shock-Ra stands on four legs and has a sleek blue, indigo and orange design. His name is probably a play on the word Chakra which is another name for Chi or spiritual energy. In the Horn of Libris race he was able to outrun all the other dragons including Beau and Coershun. He has some rather unusal fins and protrusions from his shoulders and upper back, the function of which are unknown. These give him a rather unique look, even among other blue dragons like Fracshun and the ones we see in "Rules of Power." Unfortunately, nothing else is known about him though it can be safely assumed that he acts with honor like all of the Inner Order crew.