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"Shipnotized" is the fifteenth episode of The Suite Life on Deck.


A famous hypnotist visits the SS Tipton and accidentally hypnotizes London to act like Bailey, which gets her really annoyed. Meanwhile, Harvard's Dean of Admissions, Monroe Cabot, is also visiting with his daughter Olivia. Cabbit is fond of Cody, but thinks lowly of Zack, although Zack wants to date Olivia. Since Cabbit does not approve of the relationship, Zack and Cody concoct a plan where Cody will pretend to date Olivia, which Cabbit approves of, but Zack will actually be the one who goes on the date.


  • Phill Lewis as Mr. Moseby

Guest stars

  • Gilland Jones as Olivia, Hamilton Mitchell as Cabot, Alec Ledd as Enzo Biscotti

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