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The Titus was a ship formerly commandeered by Captain Wilhelm and his crew that served as a means of transportation for the Robinson family to travel from Bern to the German colony of New Guinea so as to avoid Napoleon Bonaparte's conquest of Europe in Swiss Family Robinson. It was equipped with cannons used for firing at enemy ships and former lifeboats for allowing them to sail to shore until it got stuck on the rocks on a deserted island.

In the film

The Robinson family: Father, Mother, Fritz, Ernst, and Francis used this ship commandeered by Captain Wilhelm and his crew to travel from Bern to the German colony of New Guinea so as to avoid Napoleon Bonaparte's conquest of Europe. Unfortunately, the ship was chased into a storm one night by pirates, thus, forcing Captain Wilhelm and his crew to abandon it, the Captain's dogs:Duke and Turk, the animal livestock, and the Robinsons and leaving them trapped in it without any lifeboats left to save them; fearing it would sink into the storm. On that same stormy night, it continued carrying its remaining passengers until it got stuck on the rocks of a deserted island. In the morning, knowing it will never sail again, the Robinsons decided to use some wood from it to construct a raft to allow them to get to shore while taking everything they needed except the animals since they were too heavy for them. Duke and Turk, however, were the lucky animals to leave the ship and join the Robinsons while swimming until they rescued them from drowning; gladly, they didn't sink their raft as Father feared they would. The next morning, Father, Fritz, and Ernst returned to the ship to bring the rest of the animals back to shore until Ernst noticed another ship heading their way. Unfortunately, the other ship later turned out to be the same pirate ship commandeered by Kuala and his pirate crew that chased them into the storm. Seeing as to how the ship was stuck on the rocks and still having some passengers, Kuala ordered his men to fire on them with their cannons until Father managed to scare them off with a quarantine flag despite Fritz and Ernst trying to load a cannon to fight back. Then, the Robinsons started using all the wood they could find on the ship and the island to construct a tree house. A few weeks (or months) later, after Fritz and Ernst rescued a girl named Roberta, disguised at first as a cabin boy named Bertie, from the pirates, Father, Fritz, and Ernst returned to the ship to blow it up with gunpowder so as to avoid being found by the pirates.


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