Sherlock Holmes is a detective character created by Scottish author and physician, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


A brilliant London-based "consulting detective", Holmes is famous for his astute logical reasoning, his ability to take on almost any disguise, and his use of forensic science skills to solve difficult cases.

Appearances and references in Disney media

In The Great Mouse Detective, Holmes appears as the "neighbor" to Basil of Baker Street. He is the world's greatest human detective (Basil being the world's greatest mouse detective). He is not given much of a role in the film; all he receives is a cameo appearance.

In the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "Pound of the Baskervilles", a parody of Sherlock Holmes named Sureluck Jones was created and was the main character hero of the novels Chip read and admired.

In the Phineas and Ferb episode "Elementary My Dear Stacy", Candace and Stacy read the entire collection of the Sherlock Holmes books and decides to use Holmes' method of deduction with Stacy's help to bust Phineas and Ferb's activity: A water-slide. As usual, though the waterslide disappeared before Candace and Stacy could get to Linda and Winifred.

In the Gravity Falls episode "Headhunters", Sherlock Holmes appears as a malicious living wax statue that tries to murder Grunkle Stan for having locked him and the other wax statues away when they stopped making him money. He ends up decapitating Mabel's wax figure of Stan instead. When Dipper and Mabel fight off the wax statues, Dipper lures Holmes to the roof of the Mystery Shack, leading him to be melted by the light of sunrise. Holmes was voiced by John Oliver.


  • Sherlock Holmes' voice in The Great Mouse Detective is taken from clips of the original Sherlock Holmes films.

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