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ShellieMay the Disney Bear
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions Sweet Duffy
The Seven Lights of Christmas
Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage
My Friend Duffy
Colors of Christmas
Happiness Greeting on the Sea
Le rêve d'un Matin de Marie (Marie's Morning Dream)
Duffy's Bedtime Story
Duffy's Easter Fair
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Unknown (Japanese)
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names ShellieMay Brings Joy
Personality Loving, caring, cute, kind
Appearance A lovely shade of pink, has "Mickey Marks" on her face, paws, and on her right hip, has blue eyes, wears a tan colored bow on her head, wears a heart-shaped heart cockle seashell pendant around her neck.
Occupation Various
Goal To be Duffy's friend
To bring joy to all of her friends.
Home Cape Cod, American Waterfront
Allies Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Duffy, Gelatoni, TippyBlue, Guests from the Disney parks
Powers and abilities Various, from the many outfits she wears.
You can be friends with Duffy and ShellieMay too!
―ShellieMay the Disney Bear's storybook tag.

ShellieMay the Disney Bear (シェリーメイ) is a Disney character found at Tokyo DisneySea, Disneyland Paris and Hong Kong Disneyland. She is Duffy's best friend.


Duffy and ShellieMay

Mickey and Duffy have returned from their long voyage. “Hi, Minnie! We’re back!” Mickey and Minnie are such good friends. “Mickey, tell me all about your voyage!”

“Gee, I wish I had a best friend, too!” thought Duffy, “We’d sure have fun.”

“Be my friend!” Duffy put a message in a bottle and set it adrift in the ocean. “Oh-oh! It’s Duffy’s bottle! Better deliver it quick!” TippyBlue, the postman, is always in a rush. “I found Duffy’s bottle in the ocean!” called out TippyBlue. “Oh, Duffy… I guess he’s been lonely,” thought Minnie. “Well, I’ve got a good idea!”

Minnie is making a friend for Duffy. “I’m sure this’ll make him happy!” smiled Minnie.

Duffy was a little shy when he saw Minnie’s present. Because there in front of him was a sweet, little girl. “Let’s be friends!” said Duffy as he gave her a seashell. It was a treasure he’d found. The heart-shaped seashell pendant was so charming!

“That’s it! I’ll name you ShellieMay!” said Minnie. “Hi, ShellieMay!” “Let’s be friends, Duffy!”

Where can you meet ShellieMay

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ShellieMay the Disney Bear at her greeting spot in American Waterfront at Tokyo DisneySea.

ShellieMay can be found in Tokyo DisneySea, where her greeting spot can be found right across the Cape Cod Village Greeting Place. For Mickey & Duffy's Spring Voyage, she can be found greeting guests inside the Cape Cod Village Greeting Place alongside Duffy. She also appeared at Disneyland Paris during the Disney Dreamers Everywhere! event.


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