Sharky Jones is a Toon NPC Duck and a shopkeeper who appeared in the discontinued online video game, Toontown Online. He owns the 14 Karat Goldfish located in Loopy Lane, Toontown Central. He gives Toons a task that allows Toons to carry two Toontasks.


This Toontask will allow Toons to have the ability to carry two Toontasks at a time. This task will be given nearest to the end of their Toontown Central journey.

  1. Visit Sharky Jones in 14 Karat Goldfish, Loopy Lane.
  2. Recover a Goldfish Receipt from The Cogs.(Anywhere)
  3. Return to Sharky Jones.
  4. Deliver a Goldfish Receipt to Professor Wiggle in Professor Wiggle's House of Giggles, Punchline Place.
  5. Recover a Goldfish from Flunkies.(Anywhere)
  6. Return to Sharky Jones.
  7. Fish out 4 Goldfish from fishing ponds.(Anywhere)
  8. Return to Sharky Jones.

Reward: Ability to Carry 2 Toontasks