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Shanna's Show was a five-minute animated show appearing on the Disney Channel's Playhouse Disney. It had 18 episodes in each season except Season 3 (26 episodes) and Season 5 (20 episodes). It aired from June 20, 2004 - January 2, 2010. It currently plays reruns on Disney Junior Australia and Asia. "The Shanna Show" was based on the Shanna Show books by Jean Marzollo, author of the I SPY series, and illustrated by Maryn Roos, based on art by Shane W. Evans. The series includes:

Shanna's Animal Riddles
Shanna's Ballerina Show
Shanna's Bear Hunt (Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Award Winner: 2005)
Shanna's Doctor Show
Shanna's Hip, Hop, Hooray
Shanna's Lost Shoe
Shanna's Party Surprise
Shanna's Pizza Parlor
Shanna's Princess Show
Shanna's Teacher Show

Shanna is a six-year-old Mexican-American girl who—along with her helpers, four-year-old brother Shane, Dinah the dinosaur, Ducky and Tiger—puts on a musical show in her room. Shane gives a drumroll, announces the show, and Dinah, Ducky and Tiger shine flashlights all over the curtains and make crowd noises just before Shane pulls the curtain and Shanna starts giving viewers three clues to help them guess what she is dressed up and pretending to be.

In each episode Shanna pretends to be a different person, such as:

  • Lifeguard
  • Dentist
  • Bus Driver
  • Veterinarian
  • Actress
  • Baker
  • Farmer
  • Teacher
  • Astronaut
  • Artist
  • Ballerina
  • Fire Fighter
  • Doctor
  • Magician

Unbound Studios designed and produced the series for Playhouse Disney. William Janczewski served as the Artistic Director, and directed most of the early episodes. Judy Rothman Rofé developed the series and served as lyricist and writer on all of the episodes.

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