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Shang's troops are supporting characters who appeared in Mulan.

Role in the film

Shang's troops first appear in the camp when Mulan disguised as "Ping" arrived to take her father's place. They start a fight when Ping was bullied by Yao, Ling and Chien Po. Their Captain Li Shang stops them and they tell him it was Ping who started the fight. Shang introduces Ping to the troops. They start their training but they are unable to complete. But Ping was able to win their respect after they successfully complete their training. Later, Shang and Chi-Fu receive a message from General Li (though actually a fake from Mushu) that they meet at the front.

While on the way, the troops sing "A Girl Worth Fighting For" until they arrive at the village, only to discover it has been destroyed by the Huns. Shang orders them to look for survivors but they are unable to and find the Imperial Army slaughtered including General Li. After mourning the loss they make their way to the Imperial city. However, Mushu accidentally fires a cannon causing their position given away to the Huns leading to a battle. Ping was able to wipe out the Hun army with a cannon by triggering an avalanche. Ping was injured by Shan Yu causing her true identity to be revealed while receiving medical treatment. Shang was about to execute her according to the law and one of them hold Khan from halting Shang's execution, while Yao, Ling and Chien Po try to help Mulan but are stopped by Chi-Fu. However, Shang spares her for saving his life from the avalanche and leaves Mulan in the mountains. Chi-Fu attempts to beg Shang to execute her but he angrily refuses. The troops are shown to be saddened of leaving Mulan because of Chi-Fu's actions against her.

Once the troops arrive at the Imperial City, Shan Yu and a few of Huns who survived the avalanche kidnap the Emperor of China and lock palace out and they tried to break down the door. Mulan, Shang, Yao, Ling and Chien Po are able to enter the palace and save the Emperor while Shan Yu is finally killed after a battle with Mulan. After Mulan is honored as the savior of China, the troops among those in the crowd to bow down to her.


  • They get smaller in number as the movie goes. It may be that they were sent home, died off, still remain at camp, or ran away.

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