Shakes the Rattle was a scrapped character in Toy Story. He would appear in a scene that was ultimately deleted. This scene would play out after the toys watch Sid blow up a Combat Carl through Lenny. Afterwards, they watch Sid take one of Hannah's dolls and give it to Scud to demolish. Once Buzz talks about teaching him a lesson, a toy ring on a night stand speaks about his experiences with Sid. He talks about an old Rattle named Shakes who he threw across to Sid's window, much to the toys' displeasure. He's heard the screams, and has multiple theories about his death. Though, he says Shakes was lucky, because he tells of things in Sid's room that are worse than death. As he squeaks away, Woody shakes it off as a cheesy, scary story and openly mocks the tale.

This scene was scrapped for how scary and uncomfortable the scene was, although Hanks and Allen already recorded their dialogue for that scene.