Cover of the deluxe edition of the soundtrack

Shake It Up: Live 2 Dance is the Season 2 soundtrack of the Disney Channel sitcom Shake It Up. Tracks include 'Up Up and Away', 'Something To Dance For' and 'TTYLXOX'. It was released March 20, 2012.

Track listing

  1. 'Whodunit' by Adam Hicks and Coco Jones
  2. 'TTYLXOX' by Bella Thorne
  3. 'Something To Dance For' by Zendaya
  4. 'Up Up and Away' by Blush
  5. 'Show Ya How' by Adam Irigoyen and Kenton Duty
  6. 'Make Your Mark' by Drew Ryan Scott
  7. 'Don't Push Me' by Coco Jones
  8. 'Turn It On' by Amber Lily
  9. 'Moves Like Magic' by Adam Trent
  10. 'Critical' by TKO and Nevermind
  11. 'Bring The Fire' by YLWA
  12. 'Where's The Party' by Jenilee Reyes
  13. 'Surprise' by TKO, Nevermind and SOS
  14. 'Something to Dance For/TTYLXOX Mash-up' by Zendaya and Bella Thorne

Deluxe Edition Bonus Tracks

  1. 'Edge Of The Mirror' by Emme Rose
  2. 'Total Access' by TKO, Nevermind and SOS

Target Bonus Tracks

  1. 'The Star I R' by Caroline Sunshine
  2. 'Overtime' by Robyn Newman
  3. 'A Space In The Stars' by Drew Seeley