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Shake It Up: Break It Down is the season 1 soundtrack for the Disney Channel Original Series Shake It Up.

It includes a CD of the songs from the series, as well as a DVD featuring step-by-step instructions on the dance routines from the show.

It was released on July 12, 2011 in the US. The European version, entitled Shake It Up: Dance Dance, was released on the same date.

CD Track Listing

  • Shake It Up by Selena Gomez
  • Breakout by Margeret Durante
  • Not Too Young by Chris Trousdale & Nevermind
  • School's Out by Kyra Christiaan
  • Watch Me by Margeret Durante
  • All The Way Up by Alana de Fonseca
  • We Right Here by Drew Ryan Scott
  • Dance For Life by Drew Seeley & Adam Hicks
  • Twist My Hips by Tim James & Nevermind
  • Roll The Dice by Marlene Strand

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