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Sergeant Gerson is a minor character in Big Hero 6. He works for the San Fransokyo Police Department.

Role in film

Sergeant Gerson is first seen talking to Hiro Hamada about Yokai and the theft of Hiro's Microbots. But after Baymax lets out some air, as well as his battery turning low, Gerson does not take Hiro's claims too seriously anymore and before he can call his already-deceased parents, Hiro and Baymax are already out the door, taking a tape roller with them.

Later on, Gerson can be seen grabbing lunch during Hiro and Baymax's first flight.

Whether or not Gerson learns about the truth behind Hiro's report about Yokai is left to interpretation, although the ending credits reveal that the Big Hero 6 team had given the officer a new tape roller to replace the one that Hiro and Baymax had taken earlier (possibly as a reward for putting Yokai, later revealed to be Robert Callaghan, behind bars).



  • In the credits, he is labeled as "Desk Sergeant."
  • He has a picture of Bolt and Ester from the 2008 film, Bolt, on his desk.
  • He has a FreeCell app open on his computer.
  • He shares his last name with his voice actor and the film's screenwriter, Daniel Gerson.
  • There is a wanted picture of Hans from Frozen at the back in his office.
  • Gerson's uniform has the Imperial Crest of the Tokyo Police Department on his hat and uniform patches, and the overall appearance of an American police uniform, fitting in with the mash-up world of San Fransokyo.

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