"See the Aquatic Animals" is the first episode of the CGI animated short series Fireball. The episode itself was aired on April 7, 2008  as a part of Disney's partnership with Jinni's Animation Studios.


(48650 Merkur calendar year)

Drossel von Flügel meets with Gedächtnis in the main hall of the Flügel Manor, (she calls him Shiskababoo in this episode), and requests that he show her dolphins. Gedächtnis complies with her wishes, and uses the castle's image database to search for pictures of the animal. After locating photos of dolphins in the database, Gedächtnis explains that the dolphin was once the second most intelligent animals on Earth. Just as she ask to see the pictures, however, the power in the manor goes out leaving them in total darkness. Drossel, then discovers that she has a lighting system in her eyes to see in the dark, which is comically ineffective.


Fireball - Episode 01

Fireball - Episode 01



  • Drossel Juno Vierzehntes Heizregister Fürstin von Flügel - Miyuki Kawashō
  • Gedächtnis - Toru Okawa


  • Drossel calls Gedächtnis by an incorrect name in the first episode, and she continues to address him by different names in every subsequent episode.  The joke acts as a running gag.
  • The episode makes reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy while discussing dolphins (i.e. humans are number 3 on the intelligence scale behind Dolphins).
  • Drossel's eye beams are reminiscent of Astro Boy's eye beams, right down to being a gift from her father.
  • The episode title is "See the Aquatic Animals", "Watching the Water-living Animals", or "Behold the Aquatic Animal" depending on the translation.
  • The year in the first episode is 48650, and in changes by 16-18 years by in each subsequent episode.