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The Secret Service Look-Alike Foot Soldiers are the main guards of Dr. Phillium Benedict in the animated movie Recess: School's Out. They are depicted as a bunch of bad guys dressed in black sweaters and dark sunglasses.

Role in the film

The henchmen were first seen when they raided the military outpost that was testing the Weather-Altering Laser. When TJ was captured by Benedict during a failed rescue attempt of Prickly, TJ and Prickly, after escaping confinement again, attempted to disguise themselves as guards after knocking them down and stripping them of their uniforms to trick the soldiers, but the soldiers were smart enough to realize they weren't actually guards, forcing TJ and Prickly to flee.

When the Third Street Elementary School student resistance (led by Gus Griswald) infiltrated the school, several of them were dispatched in various ways:

  • Mikey Blumberg, acting as the distraction for the main squad to get inside, got on a stepladder and started singing, with several foot soldiers then trying to drive Mikey off, only to fall into a very deep pit that the Diggers created (with aid from their drills from space-camp).
  • Vince LaSalle lured several of them into a hallway where his division ambushed them.
  • Gus Griswald lured several of them into the playgrounds of the school where several of his division started bombarding them with balls from the roof.

Several more were later dispatched by reinforcements composed of the teacher and staff (led by Ms. Finster).

Several were smothered and/or arrested in the aftermath of the battle, with the police presumably airlifting the ones in the pit.

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