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Senor Senior Junior
Señor Senior, Junior
Background information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs Kim Possible
Video games
Park attractions Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Nestor Carbonell
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Occupation Villain
Alignment Neutral
Relatives Señor Senior, Senior (father)
Allies Kim Possible (briefly), Bonnie Rockwaller, Shego, Dr. Drakken
Enemies Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable
Powers and abilities

Señor Senior, Junior[1][2] is a recurring character fom the show Kim Possible. He is a vain man-child with little to no interest in being a villain. While he generally goes along with his father's evil plans and has even attempted a couple jobs himself, he is usually too busy maintaining his tan and becoming a pop star to concern himself with world domination schemes. Junior's first appearance is in the episode "The New Ron". He is voiced by Nestor Carbonell[3].


Junior is, for the most part, interested only in himself. If he put his mind to it, he would likely be a better villain than his father, as he favors simple solutions over more complex "traditional" schemes, but he is also extremely lazy. His dream is to become a pop star, although it is shown in several episodes that he has no musical talent.


Junior's only known family is his father, Señor Senior, Senior. They appear to be fairly close, and although Junior resents the increased amount of work he has to do (due to his father's criminal activities), he is genuinely happy whenever Senior says he's proud of him.

Personal History

Junior and his dad live on a fairly intimidating private island, somewhere off the coast of Europe. Kim first encountered them when Junior's giant tanning lamp was causing rolling blackouts across Western Europe. Upon going to their island and realizing that Senior didn't mean any harm, she gave him a lecture about energy conservation and let him be.

Unfortunately, during that same encounter, Ron commented that several features of Senior's island bore strong resemblance to a villainous lair, and gave him more suggestions for making his home more villain-worthy (Spinning tops of doom, self-activating lasers, speedboat for quick escapes, etc.). Senior originally dismisses Ron's suggestions, saying that they sound too sinister, but upon reflection, he decides that he needs a new hobby, and pretty much drags poor Junior along for the ride for the rest of the series.



While Junior is in villainy for the sake of his father, he has partnered with Shego a couple times to great effect. They first met when Shego was hired to tutor Junior in villainy so Junior and Senior could share a bond. Instead, Shego and Junior ended up becoming friends and Junior a more competent villain. They meet once more when he busted her out of prison to help think up with a gift for Senior's birthday. Despite both encounters ending badly, they appear to have developed respect for one another and Shego seems to tolerate him more than any other villain.

Kim Possible

During the Animology craze, Junior developed a crush on Kim after finding out their Animology profiles were compatible. Because the book said they were soul-mates, Junior saved Kim's life and showered her with flowers for an unknown period of time which apparently did not last too long. After that they returned to being enemies.

Bonnie Rockwaller

Junior met Bonnie during her Senior Homecoming week when she accompanied Team Possible on a mission. It was essentially love at first sight when the two of them met, and they remained together through her graduation. However, after Bonnie had apparently blown off all her classes due to her belief that nothing important ever happens during the last week of school, Mr. Barkin informed her that she missed a pop quiz in his class which left her one class credit short of graduating. So she had to go to summer school in order to get her high school diploma. Naturally, she was very upset but Junior cheered her up by saying he would be with her in spirit but he would actually be lounging by his pool.

Talents and Skills

Junior is, alas, not a man of many talents. He cannot sing, and he's about an even match for Ron in a fight even though he appears extremely muscular. However, he has become more of a challenge when Shego tutored him, so it is possible his fighting skills lack training or he has no real desire to. His main talent is probably his clear head; when he puts his mind to it, he can usually come up with the simplest solution, but he is almost always ignored.


  • According to Animology, he is a yellow trout.
  • He has saved Kim and Ron's life on more than one occasion.



Kim Possible

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