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Scullery Maid is a minor character of the film The Sword in the Stone.

Role in the Film

She first sees the dishes fly through the air and panics while warning Sir Ector and Kay who were training for the tournament. While Ector and Kay try and fail to fight off the enchanted dishes, She was of no help at all. When Wart and Merlin land in the kitchen bewitched and Ector confronts Merlin, she threatens Merlin, who disappears. She is still amazed and takes Merlin for an evil sorcerer from Hell. Wart defends Merlin, and Sir Ector piles more demerits on the boy, and then finally Ector punishes Wart, by revoking his chances of being Kay's squire by replacing him with his boy groom Hobbs, and forbidding the boy from making the trip to London and from that moment she started to hate the Wart.

At Christmas, she announces with more panic that Hobbs came down with the mumps, and Ector decided to replace him with Wart. Afterwards, she's not seen for the rest of the film.


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