This is how the Scrooge McDuck costumes have changed over the years in the parks. It is noted that most Scrooges have headfeathers, and some do not.

Picture Years As seen in Notes
Scrooge at Disney on Ice (1990)
1970's - 1996 Disneyland (first picture)

Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom (second picture)

Walt Disney's World on Ice: 10th Anniversary (third picture)

Scrooge has shorter circle eyes with orange eyelids, his upper beak being curved up, a shorter gray top hat, a red coat and a black belt. The mask would be used for the walkaround version of Ludwig von Drake.

In 1987, Scrooge begins to wear his DuckTales outfit. But he continued wearing his red coat until 1992 in Tokyo and Paris.

In Walt Disney's World on Ice, his hat has a yellow stripe around it, his headfeathers are located on the back of his head and curved up, and his coat is indigo with a purple collar, cuffs, and rope around his waist. His spats are purple too.

Scrooge at Walt Disney World

Scrooge and Launchpad at baseball game
1995 - present Scrooge gets a cartoony overhaul with blue eyes, white eyelids, and his beak being more opened with a red heart-shaped tongue. He wears this outfit at Tokyo Disney Resort, and most recently in the Dance Your DuckTales Parade at Disney FanDaze event in Disneyland Paris albeit with a red stripe around his hat to make him better resemble the animated one.

In 2018 in the US parks, Scrooge's hat has a silver stripe around it, and his coat is red again and now has pouches, making him now resemble his appearance on the DuckTales reboot.