Scrooge's Silly Day is Volume 14 of Mickey's Young Readers Library. It is an adaptation of the fairy tale The Three Sillies starring the characters from the Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge comic books.


Scrooge goes to his Money Bin one windy day to count and stack his money. After he is done, he notices the window behind his stacks of money and worries that the wind will break the window and blow his money all over Duckburg, so he calls Donald to bring some wood and his tools to board up the window. When Donald arrives, he accidentally knocks over Scrooge's money piles and makes a mess. Scrooge tells Donald that he'll now have to restack the money for him, but Donald refuses, saying that this wouldn't have happened if Scrooge wasn't worrying about the wind breaking his window (which he also points out wouldn't happen because the glass is too thick for the wind to break). After quite some arguing, Donald says he'll stack the money only if Scrooge can go find three people who are worrying about things that are just as ridiculous.

After quite some searching, Scrooge finds Gyro wearing an "anti-dizzy suit" because he thinks the world will eventually start spinning so fast that everyone will get dizzy. Next, he finds Gladstone trying to find a four-leaf clover because he's afraid his luck is going to run out. Finally, he finds Gus is unable to enjoy his outdoor nap because he's afraid it's going to rain. Scrooge heads back to the money bin, eager to tell Donald that he has won their bet. But after some contemplation, Scrooge realizes his own worrying was indeed silly, so he ends up helping Donald restack the money.