The Scream Extractor is a scream extracting machine which is use to collect screams better than even scarers. Randall Boggs was gonna kidnap Boo to test it and see if it will help bring the company back on top.

It first appeared when Randall supposedly captured Boo, but discovered that he had Mike Wazowski instead. Despite this, Randall decides to test the machine on Mike anyway. Luckily, Sulley is able to unplug the Scream Extractor's plug before it can suck any screams from Mike. Whilst Randall goes to put the plug back in, Sulley frees Mike and replaces him with Randall's assistant Fungus. After Randall returns, he finds the machine sucking screams out of Fungus. After switching off the machine, Randall asks Fungus where Mike is, to which Fungus (who is too weak to talk) points to the direction he, Sulley and Boo went.

It later appears when Randall prepares to use the machine on Boo, whilst Mr. Waternoose watches on begrudgingly (after he banished Sulley and Mike to the human world). Luckily, Sulley returns from the human world and throws the Scream Extractor at Randall and Waternoose, trapping them, before fleeing with Boo.