Lord Scrapperton
"Tick tock."
―Scrapperton's catchphrase

A mortal man that replaced every part of his body with a mechanical part (wonders of steam technology as he puts it), Scrapperton is a kindly-seeming robo-man, but he works for The Skeleton King, in the show Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go!. He collects mostly useless junk, but his collecting habits can get in the way of his mind.

He lured the Monkeys to his lair by capturing SPRX-77, and soon stole all of their hands and hand attachments. He later made robot apes that worshipped the monkeys in order to trick them into joining him, and was taken by the robot apes when they left the city at the end of the episode, after having escaped from under the influence of his mind control chips. He returned in the episode, "Dreamlands" (walking past Otto, Gibson and Sparx before entering the Elevator Monster which then disappeared), as did most villains from the show. His former name was Duke Scrapperton, Grand Earl of The Mecha Realm.