Scorpion is a Marvel Comics supervillain. He is an adversary of the superhero Spider-Man.

Scorpion was created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.


Physical appearance

Powers and Abilities

He is a K'un Lun master like Iron Fist. He is good at close combat. Where is his martial arts skills can be used. He also uses a scorpion like rope to attack opponents from a distance.


Marvel Animated Universe

Ultimate Spider-Man

He traveled to New York City to prevent Iron Fist from returning to K'un-Lun to compete in the Return of Shou-Lao, which would determine who would become king of K'un L'un. However, Danny Rand returned to K'un L'un with Spider-Man in tow. After a disguised Scorpion blinded Iron Fist to prevent him from competing, Iron Fist chose Spider-Man to fight in his place. During the Return of Shou-Lao, Scorpion utilized a number of dishonorable tricks to defeat Spider-Man, and placed the crown of K'un-Lun atop his head. However, the crown was a trap, and Scorpion was buried under a pile of gold coins, giving Spider-Man a clear path to the competition's real finish line, but Spider-Man chose to save him instead. Scorpion thanked his savior by racing ahead to the finish line anyway, but the Head Monk and Iron Fist appeared to reveal the Return of Shou-Lao was a test of character, and Spider-Man won by saving his opponent. Scorpion, furious that an outsider would be named king of K'un L'un, attacked Iron Fist, but was defeated. As punishment for his actions, the Elder Monk of K'un-Lun exiled Scorpion from his homeland.

He later joined the Sinister Six in a new suit to get revenge on the webhead but was defeated.


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