Schoolhouse Rock Earth
SchoolhouseRock Earth

Schoolhouse Rock! Earth is a Disney DVD released in 2009. It features songs about the earth, especially an oldie one from the Schoolhouse Rock! TV series.


  1. Report from the North Pole
  2. The Little Things We Do
  3. The Trash Can Band
  4. You Oughta Be Saving Water
  5. The Rainforest
  6. Save the Ocean
  7. Fat Cat Blue: The Clean Rivers Song
  8. A Tiny Urban Zoo
  9. The Energy Blues
  10. Solar Power to the People
  11. Windy and the Windmills
  12. Don't Be a Carbon Sasquatch
  13. The Three R's (Bonus Live-Action Music Video Starring Mitchel Musso)


  • The song "The Three Rs" is adapted from the first Schoolhouse Rock! song "Three is a Magic Number".