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Schoolhouse rock 3rd and 4th grade cd rom

Schoolhouse Rock: 3rd & 4th Grade Essentials is a Schoolhouse Rock! 2-disc PC video game developed by Creative Wonders in 1997.


SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK creates the perfect combination of education and entertainment for 3rd and 4th grades! This comprehensive 2 CD-ROM program for ages 8-10 is loaded with over 70 challenging activities covering a full two-year curriculum for 3rd and 4th grades. Your child will develop important skills in math, grammar, language arts, geography, science, and history while having a blast playing fun-filled and challenging games. On Disc 1, join Interplanet Janet in 8 fun-filled activity areas featuring math and science games. As you play, you'll build essential math skills and learn important science concepts including patterns and sequencing, equations, the human body, electricity, and much more!

On Disc 2, embark on a rock 'n roll adventure that focuses on language arts, geography and American history. As you help Lucky's band find fame and fortune, you'll develop important skills in grammar, parts of speech, geography, history, and much more!

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK features Learning Buddies technology that keeps your child challenged by adjusting the program continuously to just the right level of difficulty. Plus you get report cards, printable activities for off-computer time, and real-life learning that includes critical thinking, creativity, vocabulary, and logic.

SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK includes multi-player games, multiple difficulty levels, 13 hit Schoolhouse Rock videos, over 80 printable activities, and a parent's and teacher's guide. Skills addressed include computation, multiplication, division, fractions and equations, negative numbers, logic and strategy, addition and subtraction, grammar, spelling and vocabulary, parts of speech, conjunctions and interjections, earth and natural science, physics, anatomy, electricity, technology and inventions, solar system, weight and measurement, US and world geography, and history.


  • Over 70 challenging activities cover a two-year curriculum for 3rd and 4th grades
  • Have fun developing skills in math, grammar, language arts, geography, science, and history
  • Learning Buddies technology adjusts the program continuously to the right level of difficulty
  • Get report cards, printable activities, Schoolhouse Rock videos, guides, and more
  • Real-life learning includes critical thinking, creativity, vocabulary, and logic


  • The 3rd Grade disk reuses the plot of Science Rock, while the 4th Grade disk reuses the plot of Math Rock.


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