Schoolhouse rock 1st & 2nd grade math & science

Schoolhouse Rock!: 1st & 2nd Grade Math & Science is a Schoolhouse Rock! PC video game developed by Creative Wonders in 1997.


Schoolhouse Rock!: 1st & 2nd Grade Math & Science gives early elementary students an opportunity to develop math skills and learn basic science principles. Eight multi-level adventures and activities await, including a game of billiards (which manages to be fun while simultaneously teaching basic physics). Printable games, puzzles, eight videos, and experiments also await.


  • Over 50 challenging activities covering a full two-year curriculum [Ages 6 - 8]
  • Develop essential early learning skills in math, science, reading, grammar, geography, and history
  • Real-life learning that includes problem-solving, strategy, creativity, and cultural awareness
  • Includes multi-player games, multiple difficulty levels, 17 hit Schoolhouse Rock videos
  • Over 60 printable activities, and a parent's and teacher's guide [Windows 95/98, Mac OS 7/8/9]