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Scandalous John
Scandalous John is a 1971 wonderful, gentle, and old-fashioned Western film directed by Robert Butler.


The Old West is just not the same, what with so few cattle being run, and law-abiding folk running around like they own everything. In this family comedy drama, it's too much for John McCanless (Brian Keith). He is a modern rancher who has been so deeply affected by the death of his wife that he has retreated into a world of Wild West imagination. He is also a cranky former gunslinger who has no intention of selling his beloved acres to some fool who wants to build a dam and flood them all. Going "gently into that good night" is not in the cards at all, and this latter-day Quixote prepares to wage a lonely battle against the namby-pamby modern world. His ranch hand, Paco (Alfonso Arau), an illegal immigrant, and his bemused daughter, Amanda (Michele Carey) do what they can to help.


  • Brian Keith - John McCanless

  • Paul Koslo - Pipes

  • Rick Lenz - Jimmy Whittaker

  • Jimmy Lydon - Grotch

  • Larry D. Mann - Bartender

  • Margarito Mendoza - Mariachi Band

  • Simon Oakland - Barton Whittaker

  • Robert Padilla - Paco's Cousin

  • Jack Raine - Switchman

  • John Ritter - Wendell

  • Fran Ryan - Farm Woman

  • Bill Williams - Sheriff Hart

  • John Zaremba - Wales

  • Bill Zuckert - Abernathy

  • Alfonso Arau - Paco

  • Jose Nieto - Mariachi Band

  • William O'Connell - Men's Store Clerk

  • Lenore Stevens - Girl

  • Alex Tinne - Clerk

  • Harry Morgan - Pippin,Sheriff

  • Freddie Hernandez - Mariachi Band

  • Iris Adrian - Mavis

  • Ben Baker - Dr. Kropak

  • Michele Carey - Amanda McCanless

  • Booth Colman - Gov. Murray

  • Christopher Dark - Card Dealer

  • Sam Edwards - Bald head

  • Donald Elson -

  • Edward Faulkner - Hillary

  • Bruce Glover - Sludge

  • Richard Hale - Old Indian

Production Cast

  • Robert Butler - Director
  • Bill Walsh - Producer, Screenwriter

  • Tom Leetch - Producer

  • Chuck Keehne - Costume Designer

  • Cotton Warburton - Editor

  • Dean Thomas - Sound/Sound Designer

  • Don DaGradi - Screenwriter

  • Emile Kuri - Set Designer

  • Emily Sundby - Costume Designer

  • Frank Phillips - Cinematographer

  • Frank R. McKelvey - Set Designer

  • John Mansbridge - Art Director

  • Richard Gardner - Book Author

  • Robert Clatworthy - Production Designer

  • Robert J. Schiffer - Makeup

  • Robert Mattey - Special Effects

  • Robert O. Cook - Sound/Sound Designer

  • Rod McKuen - Songwriter, Composer (Music Score)

  • Ted Schilz - First Assistant Director


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