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"Say It Don't Spray It" is the second segment of the first episode of season 1 of The ZhuZhus.


The Zhus get stuck in the wild after a skunk shows up in their house.

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Season One: "Happy Bounciversary" • "Say It Don't Spray It" • "Home Run Hamsters" • "Chip off the Old Chunk" • "Walter-Gate" • "Janitor Day" • "Goldfish Fingers" • "Skate-lebrity" • "Zombie Sleep Over" • "The No-Kart Race" • "Storming the Cat Castle" • "Ha Ha Hamsters" • "Fur-Vivor" • "Zhuper Girl" • "Wingin' It" • "Friendship Friend-zy" • "Zhu Years Eve" • "Lookies for Cookies" • "Dreams O'Clock" • "Badge to the Bone" • "Full Groan" • "The Shell Game" • "If Wishes Were Rainbows" • "Deja Zhu"


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