Sara Anderson is Brad's sister in Adventures in Babysitting.


Sara is a young kid, who, like any other kid, can be have an obsession for a lot of things. But unlike most girls, she's a bit more of a tomboy, having an obsession for comic books and such; Thor being the one she likes the most.

Despite her obsession and passion for comics and all, she still loves her family, and even her brother, though they may have their ups and downs, like a lot of families and even siblings do. She even has somewhat of a real good friendship with Chris Parker, looking forward to her babysitting her.

Role in the film

Sara is first seen wearing her skates and skating in the house, which her brother, Brad, tells her that their mother would get onto her about. There, she tells him that their mother got Chris to babysit her, which apparently Brad is shocked to hear about, causing him to spill the food over, which she laughs about and leaves.

Sara is later shown in her bedroom with a lot of Thor collections and painting a picture of Thor on. Brad gets onto her for wasting his Clearasil on another picture of Thor. Brad gets to her by saying, "Thor's a homo." She tries to get him to take it back, and then blackmails him by telling him she'd tell Chris about the "love poems" he writes about her, and rather than face all that, he says he's sorry. There she says, "Hi, Chris," with Chris saying "Hi" back.

Later on after Chris receives a phone call from her friend, Brenda, at the bus station, Sara and Brad go along with Chris, and they reluctantly bring along Daryl Coopersmith, Brad's best friend. Eventually, they get a flat tire from a blowout, and they reluctantly accept the hospitality from a tow truck driver named John Pruitt.

Along the way, Sara and the rest took a wrong turn and accidentally ended up in a chop shop operation when a car thief named Joe Gipp they stole the car they got into for their safety. After they were taking upstairs for now, Sara suggested they get out of there through the rafters, after escaping, and then ending up in a Blue Concert led by Albert Collins. After finishing singing the Blues with them, Sara and the rest of them ended up on an L train. There, two opposite gangs are arguing and eventually, Brad gets a stab-wound, and Chris defends the kids from both gangs. At Sara's suggestion, they take Brad to the hospital, where he gets one stitch. Eventually, Mr. Pruitt shows up and tells them that they're car is in Dawson's Garage, and they'll have to pay $50 for the tire.

Sara, having to use the restroom, goes to a Kappa party along with Chris, Daryl, and Brad. There, they meet a college guy named Dan Lynch, who was able to get $45 for the vehicle and eventually drives them to Dawson's Garage. There, at Dawson's Garage, Dawson shows up, who Sara believes really to be, before her own eyes, her comic book hero idol Thor. Though $45 is all they have, and nearly get kicked out without the vehicle, Sara persuades him to change his mind by giving him her own "Thor" helmet, and yet he decides to go ahead and let them have the car and give her her helmet in claiming he's got one at his home.

On their way to get Brenda and be home by about 1am, Sara notices a toy store. Then they stumble upon the French restaurant Mike Todwell, Chris' boyfriend, was supposed to take her to. They go in and confront Mike, but Sara leaves the restaurant to look at the toy store. There, the car thieves they met at the chop shop catch up to Sara, because she's got their Playboy magazine they want back. They follow her all the way to the Associates Center, where her parents are having their party. She takes the elevator, and uses two different floors for the two bad guys to split up and find her. Eventually, Graydon looks for her at the at the 45th floor, while Bleak is looking in the reception party area on the 42nd floor. Later, Chris goes to look for Sara, and she's out on the slant of the window from the 45th floor, and Graydon tries to get her. Chris, Brad, and Daryl get Sara, and eventually Joe Gipp shows up for the Playboy magazine, which they give him, and eventually they leave Graydon on the slant window. As they all leave, they're confronted by Bleak, who Joe knocks out cold and gives him the magazine.

After they pick Brenda up at the bus station, Sara realizes she lost her skate, and hope they can go back and find, but Chris says they can't. The next minute or so, Sara sees her parent's car, and they all speed past them so quickly while they ducked unnoticed. They speed through the traffic to get home before the parent's do. After Chris cleans up Brad's mess left from earlier, the parents come home to see that all is fine. Chris comes to tell the kids that is well. Sara suggests they hang out again next Friday, and Chris takes it to consideration, and there, they all thank each other for what was probably the "greatest night of their lives."

After Chris leaves, and Dan comes to the address to bring back Sara's skate that she left in his back seat of his Jeep, Sara encourages Chris to kiss Dan, and there, Chris and Dan share a first kiss together.