Santa Cecilia is the main setting in the film Coco. It is a small and lively Mexican village that cherishes music, and is located parallel to the fabled Land of the Dead.

Notable Locations

  • Mariachi Plaza - The park center of the town. In the middle is a commemorative statue of Ernesto de la Cruz.
  • Pantéon Santa Cecilia - The local cemetery.
  • Rivera Family Shoemakers - Established in 1921, this is the home on the Rivera clan and their shoemaking business.


  • The town is named after Saint Cecilia, a patroness of musicians[1], tying in with the town's music-loving nature.
  • Santa Cecilia was referenced in Cars 3 when one of the rookie racers on the treadmill, Gabriel, was homesick during Cruz Ramirez's training regime.


  1. Unkrich, L.; Molina, Ad.; Lasseter, J. (October 10, 2017). The Art of Coco. Chronicle Books, page 38. 

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