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Muppets Tonight
“Sandra Bullock”
Season 1, Episode 7
Sandra Bullock
Air date: June 23, 1996
Muppets Tonight Episodes
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At the opening, Clifford tries to give Andy and Randy Pig a job answering phones but they fail miserably. After the theme song and intro, Sandra Bullock comes out and is completely nervous to be on live TV (so much so she can't stop shaking Clifford's hand and babbling). She then shows a clip from the "sequel" of "While You Were Sleeping" called "While You Were Slapping" during which someone gets slapped after every line. Bobo the Bear takes over answering the phones and gets a call from a mysterious stranger telling that there is a bomb in the studio. The next sketch, "the Psychiatrist's Office", stars Sandra as the psychiatrist who is trying to figure out why Kermit is seeing singing pink Snowths everytime he says "phenomena". The mysterious caller gets angry at Bobo and asks to speak with someone else. He tells Clifford that a bomb will go off if the ratings go below 50%. In the "Tubmans of Porksmith", Howard gets hypnotized to not eat so much and brings the "thin Howard" out, but he is equally as hungry. Sandra realizes the bomb plot is actually the plot of her movie "Speed" and tells some of the Muppets how to catch the bomber. To get the ratings up they play "Seinfeld Babies" a mashup of "Seinfeld" and "Muppet Babies" which Statler and Waldorf heckle but keeps the ratings up for a while. As the needle dips close to 50% Gonzo cues Frankie Yackovic and his polka dots (which are literal polka dots) and has Johnny Fiama sing (but he gets chased offstage by a shark). After they run out of acts Rizzo lets Bill do an act but it is also a flop. They allow Seymour and Pepe the Prawn to tell a joke which also messes up. After Andy and Randy trace the call they discover that the mysterious caller is really Sandra trying to keep the ratings up.
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