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Sally and Kowalski
Sally and Kowalski are Lyle's main hench women in George of the Jungle 2. They are always seen together to try and capture George and Ape or to destroy the Jungle.


Sally and Kowalski are first seen heading along a corridor towards George's room with Lyle. After they break in they turn off the alarm which is a bird. Kowalski finds several lion clothes which one has the deed to the Jungle in. Lyle gets passed more and more of the garments which he gets frustrated by. After almost giving up Lyle eventually finds the deed and Sally and Kowalski grin with delight.

Next time they are seen is trying to capture George and Ape outside a casino. Sally holds a gun to them and orders Ape to go with them, but Ape just makes fun of them. Having thrown a suitcase at them the women chase after them, Georges falls on a pool table as Kowalski lunges towards him showing most of her cleavage. Having almost captured them they get away as the women try and get them running down an escalator. As they search for George and Ape they are seen searching an old granny instead of cranny and then make a run for it.

In the final scene, Sally and Kowalski are seen on a bulldozer guarding it. Coconuts aren't thrown at them unlike other henchmen. George runs up to the bulldozer and climbs on it which startles Sally briefly, as George tries to reason with her she smiles before elbowing and punching him off. Kowalski then climbs over the bulldozer to help Sally. Once she gets over they both grin seeing George's head hit trees, Sally kicks him off once there are no more trees, but George manages to climb onto the tire as the women gives a surprised look. As George explains that he now has to hit women but gives them a fighting chance Kowalski looks down at his groin and smiles then kicks him in the crotch. Left in agony George falls off the bulldozer and rethinks sportsman ship. As the women turn into the bulldozer they find they have been tricked as Rocky has managed to get rid of the driver. Rocky kicks the women's jaws which sends them flying and screaming trying to keep hold of something. They both do several flips in the air before crashing down in a open piece of land. As they get up Rocky hops along and sees them struggling to get up panting for air. Rocky then has an idea and jumps on the women's shoulders five times with them grunting and squealing. Rocky then leaves the women smacked into the ground up to their breasts in mud unable to to escape and knocked out left for dead.

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