Sage has always dreamed of attending Starling Academy to be trained as a Wish-Granter. When it comes to energy manipulations, she can out-glow anyone! But, sometimes she says things without thinking and then falls all over herself apologizing. Confident and lightheartedly luminous, Sage always looks on the bright side and naturally attracts others into her orbit.
—Official description

Sage is a character, one of the twelve Star Darling students at Starling Academy and also one of the five main female protagonists in Disney's Star Darlings.



Describing Sage's personality, she is honest, adventurous, curious, optimistic, friendly, light-hearted, luminous, confident and relaxed. On the other hand of her personality, she can also be restless, quick-tempered (that she has a quick temper), irresponsible, and too trusting of others' opinions and she may jump to conclusions.

Role in the series

Sage was named by Lady Stella as part of the Star Darlings. However, she must find the evil known as Negative Wish energy that was infecting Starland in the process. She will get to know her other friends, and together they will solve the mystery and save Starland.

In parallel, Sage and her friends are studying some resources about the Negative Wish energy at the Starling Academy. Sage especially for the project, is to become a positive Wish Granter.

She is also known popularly as "Superstorm" and also as "Lightning"


  • Sage is named after Sagittarius (♐), the ninth of the twelve astrological signs of the zodiac, which means the centaur.
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