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SUPPLY-R (which stands for Spare Ultra Plottic Pandron Yorth Ranger) is a robot who stores a collection of spare lights for the exterior of the Axiom. He is capable of holding three such spares at a time.

He makes a cameo in the 2008 Disney/Pixar film WALL-E in the escape pod chamber.


He plays a bigger role in the events of BURN-E. When one of the lights was destroyed by a passing space rock, AUTO notified SUPPLY-R, who in turn summoned a welding robot BURN-E. BURN-E powered down the circuit to the broken light through SUPPLY-R, took one of the spares, then went outside to replace the broken one. However, thanks to the antics of WALL-E and EVE, kept losing the new light. Embarrassed, he was constantly forced to return to SUPPLY-R, who was surprised and slightly irritated that he could lose the replacements. Finally, BURN-E managed to successfully attach SUPPLY-R's third and final new spare, then find a way back into the Axiom after getting locked out by WALL-E and EVE. He enthusiastically went to SUPPLY-R to power up the light, only for AUTO to tilt the Axiom and cause him to slide back out of the ship. When the Axiom landed on Earth, SUPPLY-R joined the other robots and exited the ship to see their new home. Eventually an escape pod crashed near to where he was standing and chatting with another robot, and out came BURN-E, who had been searching for him. Finally, BURN-E succeeded in powering up the new light through SUPPLY-R, only for it to be destroyed seconds later by the escape pod's hatch. BURN-E collapsed on the ground in frustration, leaving SUPPLY-R to comfort him.

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