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SECUR-T, or Steward-Bots, are robots in the 2008 Disney/Pixar film, WALL-E. They are voiced by Teddy Newton.


The SECUR-T's are the police force of the BNL starliner Axiom. They try to keep things in order aboard the ship. A pair of them were seen accompanying GO-4 when he came to check on EVE. Another pair came next to John to tell him to wait for assistance after he fell of his hoverchair.

After WALL-E accidentally freed the reject robots from the Repair Ward, they are constantly chasing the rejected "rogue robots". They start to consider WALL-E and EVE as rogues as well due to WALL-E holding EVE's blaster arm at the time. They spent most of the film from there trying to look for them and the other faulty bots. 2 of them were patrolling the Lido Deck while WALL-E and EVE were trying to get back to McCrea's quarters to show him the plant (which they just recovered).

Later, a SECUR-T found a malfunctioning VN-GO in a closet and caught it it its tractor beam when EVE, WALL-E (who was damaged earlier), and M-O burst out from a garbage chute. After recognizing the first 2 rogue bots, he took another picture of them before cowering in the closet and releasing the VN-GO. When AUTO saw the picture, he sends all other available SECUR-T's to stop EVE and WALL-E from placing the plant in the Axiom's holo-detector. They were so fast and busy to reach them that they didn't notice or realize the problems they caused like waking up the babies in the nursery or knocking several passengers off their hoverchairs.

After the captain's message was cut off, they reached WALL-E's group. EVE immediately blasted 1 of them through, while several others disabled her blaster arm with their freeze beams, though a faulty PR-T reflected one of them with her mirror. M-O then used his roller on a SECUR-T, a reject VA-Q sneezed dust on another, and a flawed D-FIB zapped a third with its paddles, prompting more SECUR-T to fire more freeze beams, which were blocked by a broken BRL-A (who managed to open its canopy correctly for once). This gave WALL-E enough time to cut through the binding strip of a malfunctioning HAN-S with his mining laser, who went berserk due to arms freed and being uncontrollable, and smashed the rest of them. One last SECUR-T emerged from the ruins, but HAN-S quickly destroys it.

It is possible that the SECUR-T unit seen on Earth during the credits was the one that hid in the closet. He was helping the humans and the other robots (including a WALL-A and a PR-T) by constructing a large building by grabbing bricks with his freeze beam.

Disney Universe

Several SECUR-T are part of the objective for the first part of the first level of Axiom Belowdecks, the second stage of the WALL-E world. The player must move them to certain places to guide a certain number of robots to the correct doors in order to access the next level.

The costumes for the Spawner bots in the WALL-E world also resemble SECUR-T.


  • SECUR-T is a pun on "security", a private police force that defends private and/or public places from criminal activity, and fits their role as security enforcers of Buy n Large.


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