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SECUR-T, or Steward-Bots, are robots in the 2008 Disney/Pixar film WALL-E. They are voiced by Teddy Newton.


The SECUR-T's are the police force of the BNL starliner Axiom. They try to keep things in order aboard the ship. A pair of them were seen accompanying GO-4 when he came to check on EVE. Another pair came next to John to tell him to wait for assistance after he fell of his hoverchair.

After WALL-E accidentally freed the reject robots from the Repair Ward, they are constantly chasing the rejected "rogue robots". They start to consider WALL-E and EVE as rogues as well due to WALL-E holding EVE's blaster arm at the time. They spent most of the film from there trying to look for them and the other faulty bots. 2 of them were patrolling the Lido Deck while WALL-E and EVE were trying to get back to McCrea's quarters to show him the plant (which they just recovered).

Later, a SECURI-T found a malfunctioning VN-GO in a closet and caught it it its tractor beam when EVE, WALL-E (who was damaged earlier), and M-O bursted out from a garbage chute. After recognizing the the first 2 rouge bots, he took another picture of them before cowering in the closet and releasing the VN-GO. When AUTO saw the picture, he sends all other available SECUR-T's to stop EVE and WALL-E from placing the plant in the Axiom's holo-detector. After the captain's message was cut off, they reached WALL-E's group. EVE immediately blasted 1 of them through, while several others disabled her blaster arm with their tractor beams, though a faulty PR-T reflected 1 of them with her mirror. M-O then used his roller on a SECUR-T, a reject VA-Q sneezed dust on another, and a flawed D-FIB fried a third with its paddles, prompting more SECUR-T to fire more tractor beams, which were blocked by a broken BRL-A (who managed to open its canopy correctly for once). This gave WALL-E enough time to cut through the binding strip of a malfunctioning HAN-S, who smashed the rest of those SECUR-T.

It is possible that the SECUR-T unit seen on Earth during the credits was the one that hid in the closet. He was helping the humans and the other robots (including a WALL-A and a PR-T) by constructing a large building by grabbing bricks with his tractor beam.

Disney Universe

Several SECUR-T are part of the objective for the 1st part of the 1st level of Axiom Belowdecks, the 2nd stage of the WALL-E world. The player must move them to certain places to guide a certain number of robots to the correct doors in order to acces the next level.

The costumes for the Spawner bots in the WALL-E world also resemble SECUR-T.


  • SECUR-T is a pun on "security", a private police force that defends private and/or public places from criminal activity, and fits their role as security enforcements of Buy n Large.


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