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The SS Tipton is a cruise ship belonging to London Tipton's father. The ship had its first canon appearance in The Suite Life of Zack and Cody episode "Let Us Entertain You". Unlike most cruise ships it also includes a school, Seven Seas High School, which is a common setting on the ship, as are the Sky Deck, the lobby, the corridors outside the students' cabins and the cabins themselves. In the third season, the Aqua Lounge, a newly refurbished space on the ship was shown, and it replaced the Sky Deck as the main hangout (although the Sky Deck is still commonly shown). There are also various areas on the SS Tipton that are mentioned, but never seen, including several decks and the ship's putt-putt golf course, where the captain spends most of his time. In the crossover episode of Wizards of Waverly Place, "Cast Away (To Another Show)" Mr. Moseby reveals that the ship itself weighs 87,000 tons. After the events in "Graduation on Deck" the SS Tipton was sold and later dismantled.


  • Marion Moseby - Manager of the SS Tipton
  • Zack Martin - Worker at the juice bar
  • Cody Martin - Worker at the sky deck
  • Maya Bennett - Worker at the juice bar
  • Emma Tutweiller - Teacher at the Seven Seas High
  • Kirby Morris - Ship's security guard
  • Mr. Blanket - Guidance counselor at the Seven Seas High and the ship's resident psychologist
  • Frankie - Crew member and handyman on the ship

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