Ryan is Tess Coleman's fiancé (later husband) in the 2003 film, Freaky Friday.

It is revealed that Tess used to be married, until her first husband died 3 years ago. Anna wasn't ready for her mother and Ryan to get married, because of this. At the rehearsal dinner, Tess (in Anna's body) tells Anna (in Tess' body) to ask Ryan if he could postpone the wedding, because Tess did not want Anna to go through getting married in her own body. After Anna's friends, Maddie and Peg, try to get Tess (in Anna's body) to go to the band at The House of Blues, Ryan tells her to go and perform. During the toast, Anna (in Tess's body) accepts him for who he is, because he was only trying to make Tess happy

At the wedding, Ryan and Tess (including a few other guests) dance underneath a wedding tent.