"Rusty and the Falcon" is an episode of Walt Disney Presents. It aired on October 24, 1958.


Filmed independently by Paul Kenworthy Productions, "Rusty and the Falcon" was first shown as an episode of the TV anthology Walt Disney Presents. Based on Charles Ogburn's book The White Falcon and lensed on location in Heber, UT, this is the tale of Rusty (Rudy Lee), a 12-year-old boy who lives in a remote Rocky Mountain mining town. With few friends his own age, Rusty has developed a fantasy world which manifests itself in the abandoned mine shaft where he plays every day. It is here that the boy finds an injured falcon, whom he ultimately restores to health and grooms as a hunting bird. Among other things, this episode features a brief lecture on falconry by expert Morlan Nelson, an archery exhibition by narrator (and future Disney producer) Jerome Courtland, and an original song, "A Boy Is a Curious Thing." Rusty and the Falcon was released theatrically overseas in 1966.


  • Walt Disney ... Himself - Host
  • Rudy Lee ... Rusty
  • Jerome Courtland ... Narrator
  • Morlan Nelson ... Himself
  • Jay W. Lee ... Father