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"Runway Romance" is a song recorded by Brad Paisley, being written by Bobs Gannaway and Danny Jacob.[1] It is heard during the scene at the Honkers bar in Planes: Fire & Rescue, and plays again in the closing credits.


I was making my descent, to the old "BNA"
At gate number three, Concourse A
And on my radar, there I saw
A wide-body jet make me pitch and yaw

My runway romance
At gate number three
My runway romance, she runs
Away from me

She was cleared of first class, and I was coach
With stabilizers on, still made my approach
Then turbulence hit, to lay, to evolve
And when the weather cleared, she done took off

My runway romance
At gate number three
My runway romance, she runs
Away from me

She said that I had too much baggage
And she was traveling light
And she has reservation
So she went, and canceled our flight

My runway romance
At gate number three
My runway romance, she runs
My runway romance, so quick to the part
My runway romance, the wind and out of my heart


  1. LISTEN: 'All In' by Brad Paisley from 'Planes: Fire & Rescue'
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