"Runaway on the Rogue River" is an episode of The Wonderful World of Disney. It aired on December 1, 1974.


Jeff Peterson and his father, John, are on a fishing trip in the Pacific Northwest. They decide that whoever catches the largest fish will not have to clean the dishes. John drops Jeff off on the lake's shore, then drops him off to his favorite fishing spot. Meanwhile, a truck containing trained circus elephants suffers a flat tire and its driver, Bucky Steele, must change it. He unloads the elephants so that he can work. One of them, named Barney, wanders off into the woods. Jeff is amazed when he prepares to cast his line and catches an elephant! When John's boat suffers a severe hit from a log, Jeff and Barney must save him.


  • Willie Aames ... Jeff Peterson
  • Denis Arndt ... John Peterson (as Dennis Arndt)
  • Slim Pickens ... Bucky Steele